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COSS exchange is ready to resume operations. Please read the following announcement carefully.
Hello everyone.
COSS exchange is ready to resume operations shortly after almost 8 weeks of downtime.
In this update, we discuss the following:

The Downtime

COSS exchange was taken offline on January 7th 2020 with immediate notice to all users. The plan was to begin migration to a white label platform after proceeding with account-level snapshots.
The migration was halted mid-way as COSS entered and finalised acquisition negotiations, followed by audits of the existing technology, user data and wallets.
With the audits completed, the new management decided to do away with the old exchange platform and introduce a much more advanced engine for its users.
This is the platform which goes online this week with many added features including derivatives with up to 100x leverage, as well as an Exchange Swap Engine for instant conversions.

New Management

We apologise for the downtime — unconditionally.
The decision to shut down the exchange was not in our control and we, unfortunately, were handed over a shut exchange. We have done our best to re-enable the exchange for all users quickly and assure you that such missteps will be avoided at all costs in the future.
The new COSS is a group of investors, professional traders, and financial technology specialists. Who strongly believes in the original vision of COSS — a one-stop platform for modern digital assets whose success is dependent on and shared with all its users — a unique approach to decentralised finance.
The idea is in line with the original concept of creating a shared ‘digital economy’ instead of mirroring a system where the traditional institutional lenders and service providers benefit while the people pay fees to use and access their own assets.
The investment group has appointed a board of directors and is currently assessing nominations for the role of CEO.
The board will leave the day-to-day operations to the CEO and their team with a clear mandate — to restore and build COSS the brand for success.
Rune and the previous technology, operations and marketing teams will no longer be involved with COSS. We appreciate their work in the past and wish them all the best for future endeavours.
Satyarth will continue to remain on board with us and support the community management, marketing and PR team.

New Technology Partner

The new management has carefully evaluated several options to ensure COSS has a stable, scalable and continuously improving technology platform.
We have partnered with XHUB — a financial and trading technology company.
The XHUB team has vast experience in working with brokers, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms.
XHUB maintains one of the largest cryptocurrency liquidity and order routing systems in the industry, and a trading platform which has been exclusively and extensively used in-house by large trading firms.
The XHUB technology team will extend its support to COSS API consumers and encourage them to keep building trading applications for the community. Consumers will have access to extensive historical and real-time market data which will allow them to create advanced strategies supported by back-testing.


A general roadmap of the board’s vision for the immediate future is included below. We remain focused on ensuring that COSS provides a reliable trading platform for retail and professional traders alike.


Exchange Relaunch
  1. COSS will relaunch the exchange platform and enable full trading on supported pairs
  2. Current COSS account holders will be sent new login credentials via email and an invitation to begin trading
  3. COS holders will be allocated 100% of the fees generated by the exchange until the FSA dashboard is completed and launched
  4. Balance transfers from previous exchange platform are initiated by the account login. This begins the final-phase of the account audit.
  5. Withdrawal of audited portfolios / balances will be available within 48 hrs of the account portfolio transfer
API Release
  1. REST and Websocket access to market data
  2. REST access to account and trade endpoints
  3. Websocket access to account end points
  4. FIX Engine quote and trade functional release
Mobile Trading App (iOS, Android)
  1. Beta release of the full-featured mobile app
  2. Full public launch of the trading app
Listing Policy Release
  1. Compliant with all regulatory requirements
API Community Development
  1. GitHub community to showcase public projects
  2. Technical support
  3. Budget allocated for development competitions


Mobile Wallet App (v2) (iOS, Android)
  1. Release of the full-featured wallet/payment and proximity peer to peer payment app
Metaquotes MT5
  1. Release full scale derivative trading platform for Windows, iOS and Android
  2. Enabling:
Regulatory Licensing
  1. Leverage trading will be reduced as the final step for licensing
Vendor and Payments API
  1. Release of web and mobile payment processing for merchants
Roadmap will be updated in the first and third quarter every year, and will cover plans for that period.
Relaunch FAQ
The exchange will be operational on 4th March, 2020.
To adhere to existing anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing and know your customer regulations, existing users will need to complete level-1 KYC. This can be done with a single government-issued photo identity document.
Final phase account audit clearance is subject to KYC approval.
COS token trading will be available on the COS_USD pair. More pairs will be added as trading activity improves.
Maker and taker fees will be set at 0.05% and 0.1% respectively.
Trading fee discount and negative maker fees will be discontinued.
An updated COS holding based fee tier system may be introduced in the future.
The Fee Split Allocation (FSA) dashboard is under development. However, FSA will be tracked and accrue from day one. COS held in private wallets will need to be re-identified and linked to your new user accounts once the dashboard is launched.
We will initiate a delisting procedure for some assets. A complete list of pairs and the withdrawal process for the same will be released at a later date.
Crypto deposits will remain at 0 fees. A fee schedule for crypto withdrawals will be published on the website.
Fiat deposits will be available via Epay and transfers from Epay wallet to COSS will be at 0 fees.
Deposits through credit and debit cards will be introduced at 4% fees.
We will add more fiat options including withdrawals in the coming weeks.
Thank you for all your support and feedback.
We are expecting a rush to access COSS accounts and will complete verification for all applicants as quickly as possible. We apologise for any unforeseen delays during the process. You can reach us on [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) in case you require any further assistance.
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My Experience Recovering Kin3 After Botching the Memo.

I sent a test amount of Kin3 from BitForex to FreeWallet.
But I botched the memo so it didn't show up in my FreeWallet account.

So I reached out to both BitForex and FreeWallet Support.

BitForex was not helpful and eventually stopped responding to my requests.

On the other hand - the support at FreeWallet was outstanding.

To cut to the chase - FreeWallet support needed the transaction hash in order to proceed.
I tried to get the hash from BitForex but it does not show up on their withdrawal history screen - and I reached out to BitForex support twice to try and get it - but no response.

So I tracked it down on Kin Explorer myself.

After supplying FreeWallet support with the Tx Hash - they passed the issue off to their financial department who quickly solved the issue and deposited the amount in my FreeWallet account.

FreeWallet does take a fee - equal to 10% of the transaction amount - for this service. But my test amount was only worth about 8 cents - a good reason to always first send a small test amount before the real transaction.

I went through all this instead of abandoning the 8 cent test amount because I wanted to see what FreeWallet support would do about it and they came through very nicely.

Why did I use FreeWallet instead of Atomic?
Because FreeWallet is associated with HitBTC and I was hoping to arbitrage trade between HitBTC and BitForex. However - as of now - deposits to HitBTC are still locked days after the swap was to have ended there.
According to the exchange's system health screen - it still says "investigating."

I just wanted to give FreeWallet Support credit for an excellent user experience. Credit where credit is due.
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Global Forex Markets - $5 trillion is moved every day, crypto is barely touching it...

It seems that when we discuss use cases for crypto, there is a large elephant in the room that no one has noticed. Every day, more than $5 trillion is moved through foreign currency exchange markets: to facilitate international trade, provide investment and hedging opportunities, arbitrage weaker currencies, service travelers and tourists, and, most importantly, to maintain absolute US dollar hegemony. Central banks and BIS convene often, to coordinate their money printing with swaps and loans for foreign countries, to prevent wild swings in relative fiat value and keep the US and Euro currencies on top.
Crypto is an ideal vehicle to disrupt the international Forex markets. Buying crypto with one fiat currency and selling it for another is quite easy. Discuss.
EDIT: It seems that nobody understood what I was getting at. Here is an example:
There could be billions worth of crypto changing hands every day if front-running central banks is a use case.
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I made a Reddit account just to post this. Do NOT use Capital. Their customer service is pushy, rude, and have hassled me to fund my account immediately after opening it. They also have technical issues with their systems. I've only had good experiences with one of their reps.
I recall one time I sent an ACH request but never saw the request occur on my bank's end (Goldman). I ended up contacting and found out that an error occurred on Forex's end, resulting in the funds never clearing. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue since I could re-send the request but because of their error, they force closed my positions (which proceeded to fly) and shut down my account. This was AFTER I contacted their rep due to concerns about the ACH request not showing up on Goldman's end, and they told me the day before they shut down my account that there would be no issues so long as I had the cash (which I did).
After that, I decided to let bygones be bygones and attempted to reinstate my account. They ignored my support requests until I called them directly, and their rep told me there's nothing they can do since compliance automatically closes accounts, and that compliance's attitude is that "if the individual has account issues, we don't want to do business with them anyways." I would've sued them for their screw up but the amount was too immaterial (~$500) to justify the legal fees/hassle.
Since then, I've swapped to Oanda and their platform and service is VASTLY superior. Not only have they not hassled me about immediate funding, but their spreads don't fluctuate as much, and I've never had deposit issues or have had to deal with annoying reps. I've noticed that since I've swapped, I've been stopped out significantly less frequently. The only time spreads get kind of large is around the daily market reset, but that's standard for non-institutional Forex trading. Given the materially smaller spread volatility despite being a smaller broker, I have a suspicion that intentionally creates slightly larger spreads than their liquidity pools would call for to profit off the arbitrage. I have no evidence other than experience, but I'd say I get stopped out about 1/4 as much now that I'm trading with Oanda (I use very tight stops). I hope GAIN Capital's attitude changes since it's cost them quite a bit of spread fees given my active trading and a lot in future business from my dis-recommendation to friends, family, and internet peeps.
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How do you price a USD/Bitcoin forward contract?

I have been lurking for a while and am pretty impressed with the caliber of this forum, so here's my challenge: I am having a hard time seeing how any crypto currency ever overcomes exchange rate volatility. Like most of you I am very excited by the potential of a decentralized currency, but I cannot get my head around the practical conundrum.
The conundrum in a nutshell: liquid debt markets are the sine qua non of stable exchange rates, but volatile exchange rates deter borrowers and lenders from originating Bitcoin-denominated debt.
How can an entrepreneur ever build a Bitcoin-based business if no lenders will quote them an interest rate on a Bitcoin-denominated loan? As a potential investor in a Bitcoin-denominated business, what baseline return would you demand on an investment with a 1-year payback period? How about a 5-year payback period?
If you can’t hedge exposure to Bitcoin volatility then how can you even think about Bitcoin-denominated investments?
Quick primer on using debt markets to price forward currency contracts: the forward discount/premium between two currencies is driven by the ratio of interest rates on deposits, because a decoupling of interest rates and currency forwards would represent an arbitrage opportunity (with turnover of >$4 trillion per day the global foreign exchange market is mind-bogglingly liquid; it reacts swiftly to new information and obvious inefficiencies are quickly traded away).
For example, say the 1-year rates on USD and MEX deposits are 2% and 3%, respectively. If the current (spot) exchange rate is 15 MEX/USD, then the 1-year forward contract would be 15.14706 MEX/USD (15 x 1.03/1.02).
The intuition behind this is that you could simultaneously (i) borrow 1,000 USD at 2%, (ii) trade 1,000 USD for 15,000 MEX, (iii) invest the pesos at 3%, and (iv) lock in the 1-year forward rate of 15.14706 MEX/USD. After one year you would receive 15,450 MEX (15,000 x 1.03), which after settling your forward contract would yield 1,020 US (15,450 / 15.14706), which is exactly what you owe on the original loan (1,000 x 1.02). Total wash.
If the forward rate were anything other than 15.14706 you could generate arbitrage. Another example: if the 1-year rate were 15.1000 MEX/USD then by borrowing 1,000 USD at 2% and investing it as 15,000 MEX at 3% you would end up after a year with 1,023.18 USD (15,450 / 15.1000), which after paying your 1,020 USD loan leaves $3.18 of risk-free profit.
Here’s my point: deep, liquid debt markets are the ballasts of currencies. They stabilize long-term exchange rates so that borrowers and lenders are comfortable committing to long term investment vehicles. If long-term exchange rates are not stable (i.e.; tradable at stable rates) then companies are squeamish about doing business in foreign countries and trade is limited to short-term transactions. This is what we see today in the Bitcoin economy, with merchants swapping out Bitcoins for dollars immediately following their transactions.
This strikes me as a classic chicken/egg problem. For want of a ForEx market Bitcoin can’t develop a debt market, and for want of a debt market the ForEx market will never appear.
Disclaimer: I’m not an economist, but like most of you I have a strong amateur interest in economics. My ForEx background is largely academic (I structure commodity derivatives for a living). My understanding could be completely off base, and I am wide open to being shown my errors.
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CROSS RATE CALCULATION  One Way Quote with Two Exchange Rates  FOREX Triangular Arbitrage - Tagalog Forex Trading FOREX Terminology - Arbitrage, Hedge, IRS, LIBOR, MIBOR, SIBOR BY Kamal Sir Arbitrage Two Currency Arbitrage How to earn in forex: arbitrage software trading One Financial Broker profit +876%, +230 % Strategy to use Arbitrage trading Interest Rate Swap  Arbitrage Profit  Comparative advantage JEA Forex Simple strategy making profit with swap - YouTube Three pair arbitrage forex trading live result 2017-NOV 1.5K Profit

Then import them all into a spreadsheet. That will then compare and spit out which pairs would be tradeable. I found a couple of brokers where you could get swap +ve on both sides of the trade. Look carefully and you can find em. if not there are lots where you can get a small arbitrage. I think the best I found was +4 long -1 Short. Example: Arbitrage Currency Trading . The current exchange rates of the EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD pairs are 1.1837, 0.7231, and 1.6388, respectively. In this case, a forex trader could buy one ... Swap arbitrage - is it possible? Thread starter hatemypips; Start date Aug 26, 2019; Watchers 7; Forums. Markets. Forex H. hatemypips Established member. 587 43. Aug 26, 2019 #1 Is it possible to open two position with 0 exposure from two different broker accounts, one of which has 0 swap charge and second offers positive swap? What are pitfalls of such strategy? Reactions: trader-john. N ... Ein Forex Arbitrage Beispiel ist, wenn zwei Broker für das gleiche Währungspaar unterschiedliche Kursangaben machen. Normalerweise bieten alle Broker auf dem Retail FX Markt die gleichen Preise an. Deshalb funktioniert eine Forex Arbitrage Strategie normalerweise nur auf dem institutionellen Markt. Auch auf dem Spotmarkt ist Forex Arbitrage Trading schwierig zu betreiben. Andererseits gibt ... Als privater Händler gibt es im Forex-Handel zwei Möglichkeiten Arbitrage zu betreiben. Man kann zum einen über Korrelationen gewisse Zusammenhänge innerhalb bestimmter Währungspaare identifizieren und diese ausnutzen. Oder man verdient an Zinsunterschieden der jeweiligen Währungen, die gegeneinander gehandelt werden. 1. Fall. Im ersten Fall kann man die vielen Korrelationstabellen ... Swaps and Arbitrage. Forex swaps refer to the simultaneously buying of one currency while selling another to take advantage of the interest rate differential of the two currencies involved. In a swap transaction, when one buys or sells a forex pair, one is actually borrowing a currency in order to lend a different currency, and the difference between the interest rates of the countries results ... Swap arbitrage Opportunities This table shows possible combinations of earning positive swap rates by being long and short the same symbol on two different brokers. Swap rates are given in USD per lot with a contract size of 100,000 for currency pairs, 100 for XAUUSD and 5000 for XAGUSD. Die Forex-Arbitrage ist eine Forex-Handels-Strategie, die die Preisunterschiede zwischen zwei Brokern ausnutzt um einen Gewinn für die Händler zu erzielen. Z.B.: Der Broker A quotiert EUR/USD bei 1,3000/1,3002, und zur gleichen Zeit Broker B nennt den folgenden Preis für das gleiche Währungspaar: 1,3004/1,3006. Wenn Sie bei Broker A kaufen ... Der Swap ist eine typische Handelsgebühr im Forex und CFD Handel. Da es gehebelte Derivate sind, wird eine Finanzierungsgebühr (Swap) der Handelsposition verlangt. Der Swap ist abhängig von der Positionsgröße, Asset, Hebel und Broker. Alle Informationen zu den genauen Gebühren können Sie der Homepage Ihres Trading Anbieters entnehmen. 2: Forex Swap Arbitrage. Unlike in the triangular, swap arbitrage aims to provide differences in a swap from different forex brokers. The prices are always moving fast so you’ll need to have the best prices for you to earn substantial profits from this. 3: Forex Statistical Arbitrage. Statistical arbitrage focuses on the statistics that ...

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CROSS RATE CALCULATION One Way Quote with Two Exchange Rates FOREX

Triangular Arbitrage (Forex) CFA L2 , CMA, CA Final - SFM (Strategic Financial Management) ... (Forex) CA Final SFM (New Syllabus) Classes & Videos - Duration: 25:09. CA Nikhil Jobanputra ... Arya Trader - Live Forex Signals & Forex Robots Arya Trader 73 watching Live now 25 Year Old Millionaire Stock Trader Alex Temiz Q+A at SMB Capital Prop Firm In NYC - Duration: 41:35. Triangular Arbitrage - Tagalog Forex Trading Malabo na nating magamit itong triangular arbitrage sa pag tetrade sa forex. Nagkalat na ang mga super computers... For full course contact 8077227729, 9219421100 FOREX Terminology - Arbitrator, Hedge, IRS, LIBOR, MIBOR, SIBOR BY Kamal Sir #for full course contact 80772277... Forex simple strategy, you can make profit with swap. See my explanation in this video. This is a strategy to maximized our profit, not strategy to make open... A swap is an agreement between two or more parties to exchange a set of cash flows over a period in the future. Swap is essentially a derivative used for hed... This is pair arbitage beteen EURUSD EURGBP GBPUSD We can do BUY,SELL,SELL or SELL,BUY,BUY FOr every 30pips keep buying loosing postion and let run the other pair on profit. Once the basket reach ... Forex - Spot/Forward ... INTEREST SWAP - Duration: 9:04. CA Manish Bharvesh 17,156 views. 9:04 . Exchange Rate Quotation (Two Way Quotation) - Duration: 6:00. Ipu Usms 17,035 views. 6:00. CAIIB ... Forex Arbitrage Broker: One Financial Profit +747%, +222% for 4 days - Duration: 4:20. Arbitrage Forex Software 4,944 views. 4:20. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOUNG PEOPLE MAKE - ROBERT KIYOSAKI ...